Wholesale Amazon FBA

Wholesale Amazon FBA

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With this package, FabOnGo doesn’t give any warranty or guarantee that your listing will be live in the marketplace in a specified duration, as it is out of our scope. In addition, we also cannot interfere if the marketplace rejects a listing due to the documentation, product authenticity or seller account related issues. FabOnGo will not be liable to issue any kind of refund or replacement of the services once the work is already completed.

Wholesale Amazon FBA package includes:

We collect brand details, after documentation and qualifying a product get approval from you and then send the product to prep centre from there to FBA.

  1. Brand Verification: We collect brand names and verify if they have any IP cases.
  2. Sending Pitch and Replying: After approval, we send out pitch to the brands and reply to their emails.
  3. Documentation: Once a brand/product is selected we collect documents mainly forms and get signed from you. After that, we send it back to the brand and get the product sheet.
  4. Category Check: We check if the product is gated or not gated and also if the category is good or not. We research on ROI using many tools like Webretailer, Scan unlimited, Rev seller, Keepa, JungleScout and Helium10
  5. Product Qualification: After all the research if a product satisfies our criteria then we qualify the product and get approval from you.
  6. Purchase and Shipment: After getting approval we place a purchase order and send the product’s unit to prep centre. Once prep centre receives the product’s unit we send it to FBA.
  7. Product Listing and Optimization: We also offer product listing and optimization services where we list your products on Amazon and improve product visibility in the Amazon search results.
  8. PPC: We promote your products with high converting keywords, set up campaigns and monitor those campaigns to get more sales with the lowest ACOS rate.



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