What is Split Testing for Amazon Product Listing?

For an Amazon seller, split testing also known as Amazon A/B Testing is to identify the successful variation of product content and pricing which performs best. It is basically an experiment through which Amazon sellers can test different variations of product name, its featured photo, or the product description. If you want to make profit split testing is important because it is a part of Amazon product listing or optimizing a listing. You can observe what is working and what is not by using your customer feedback and sales performance.

Why is Split Testing Important For Amazon Sellers?

As mentioned, A/B testing doesn’t only mean that you can test two variations but as an Amazon seller, you can try different ranges of variables to find your perfect listing. Try to test as many times as possible from different approaches and figure out the problems you are facing and also the impact. Here’s a quick tip for you hard core sellers on Amazon, you can actually experiment several techniques after doing a thorough competitive analysis. This is ideally the best time to optimize a product listing, and figure out what works best for your listing’s ranking for a period of either a week, or 15 days.

Split Testing AND?

If you are an Amazon seller and you want to make a massive profit at the end of the year, and increase sales conversion, then split testing is an obvious solution . It is one of the most creative ways to optimize your product listing for boosting sales performance. Fully optimized listings, are an important factor that affects sales performance and there are many things that you have to consider while performing split testing such as for e.g. making sure your keywords are being indexed by Amazon or using attractive thumbnail images to efficiently engage your customer-base. If your products are easy to find on Amazon than your leads have a better conversion rate which also means the higher sales rank. Split testing can only be successful if your pricing is ideal, and this process allows you to optimize your pricing, which helps to get huge number of sales and make the most profit. To witness an increase in sales and to rank higher in searches, an increase in CTR and increase in session (how long the visitor stays on a page) is vital.

How To Run Split Testing?

We’ve given you the basic idea about split testing. Now, let’s do some work, we’ve mentioned that you have to do a lot of work, there are various tests that needs to be done. But what are those tests? Yes, you can automate the process but what is the process? The answer is simple: you have to observe the activity of your customers by making changes in your listings. Make their journey easy and help them to make an informed purchase decision. You need to guide them throughout their purchase journey. Here we’ve listed some tasks for you that needs to be done for Split testing

Product Title Optimization

Make sure your brand name comes first in the product title because there are many Amazon sellers who do this mistake while optimizing their listing. This is important because it can decide whether or not your product will show up in the search results. Every element in your product title requires split testing, again you have to run two different listings at the same time to analyze the change.

Optimize Your Pricing

In terms of sales, this is one of the most important factors so to increase the number of sales you have to first optimize the pricing of the product to increase your sales rank. Here also you have to run two listings, where one can be showcased with a sales price that can include a discount while the other can be showcased with the normal price. It is understood that on Amazon, the more products you sell, the easier it is for your ASIN to achieve a higher sales ranking.

Optimizing Bullet Points

You have to put the keywords in bullet points strategically because you also have to make sure that you cover all the possible questions that the customers would have before making a purchase decision. The value you give is more important than the keywords. Basically, the reflection of keywords is very less than the information about the product.

For example, you have to change various elements of the bullet points like the keywords, content and product details to test different variations. For a fully-optimized product listing you need to have the best combination of bullet points. Make sure you follow all these instructions to run a successful split testing.

Optimizing Product Description

Consider the product description as a sales copy and you have to give the best pitch to convert the visitors into paying customers. Don’t forget to add a Call-to-Action at the end of your product description. Just like the bullet points here also you can put the keywords working for you but make sure you guide the customer while they are reading the description.

Optimizing Product Images

Many customers don’t like to read so much text, so images are the only thing you have that can easily draw in more views. There are two images which is important one is the featured image that is the thumbnail that customer sees first and the other one is the main image on the page. Your competitors are also doing the same thing what you are doing so make sure you stand out among your competitors. Obviously the specifications will be the same but you can play with the colors a lot.

For example, you have to understand the color psychology to engage with your customers. You can test different sets of color combinations on various products to see which one is working better. For instance, blue is the color of trust. So, you can design your product images with blue tones or elements to improve customer engagement.

Is Split Testing Useful?

At this point, you might be thinking, why should I invest in split testing just for a bunch of experiments? Here’s the crux – you will understand Amazon’s algorithms so much better when you test different variations of a listing manually, just to observe the impact it has on your sales conversions. To find out the perfect listing you have to try different variations with various elements and this is a time consuming process. The number of variables that impact sales on Amazon is huge so it is too difficult to figure out which elements may increase your sales. In simple words, if you change keywords, bullet points, pricing and images, your product sales might increase, but at some point it will be difficult for you to determine or evaluate which elements have improved your sales performance. Amazon marketplace is complex in itself so the sales might have improved because of huge traffic or it may be because you combined two elements perfectly.

To conclude,

That’s why A/B testing is unique, because it lets you test two different variations of a listing at the same time such that you can take an informed decision that’s analytically correct. For example, if you are changing price, you have to run two different listings simultaneously to track the impact and find out the best version. But A/B testing tracks in a lot of work that has to be done manually, and to retain information that can help your sales ranking, you’ll need to give this process, a bit of time and quite a lot of product research.

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