Top 5 Hires For Growing Your Amazon Business

Your Amazon business is booming?


You are hitting the one million a year mark soon?

Congrats again!

Now that you are well-established and marked your foot on Amazon, all you need is top notch skills to keep the growth going so you can focus on expanding your business and reach greater heights. Amazon Human Resources have proved to be helpful from the dawn of time (or at least, since the dawn of this big fury called Ecommerce). All that it takes is the right resource doing the right thing. Here we have listed top 5 hires for growing your Amazon business that will not just maintain the account but will also help to scale quickly.

  1. Amazon Accounts Manager

To supervise and oversee everything that is related to your Amazon account – such as optimization of the listing, images, Sponsored ads and customer service support.

  1. Marketing Manager

To build a positive brand image of the company and to market all the products and services in an appreciative manner. All the product campaigns, supervising the design, creation and execution of business branding are under the responsibility of the Marketing manager.

  1. Inventory Manager

To keep track of the orders and the real time inventory. He ensures that all orders are packed and processed in a desirable manner and shipped at an appropriate time and the inventory is maintained at the appropriate level to avoid hassles. This manager will be responsible for forecasting the demand and placing the order to the supplier and keeps track of everything.

  1. Finance Manager

A specialized accountant for managing all your finances – to ensure the bills are paid, maintain the books and taxes clean and clear, to figure out the margins and provide an insight on the budget plan accordingly.

  1. Administrative Executive

To take care of the routine admin tasks and help you keep organized. This is the manager that is responsible for managing your calendar, scheduling your meetings, responding to emails and looking after the general tasks that don’t really require your personal attention so as to keep things moving in your to-do list.

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Well, if you are still starting out and don’t need these specialized roles yet you can hire the following ones to help you kick start.

PPC Expert – to help you set up winning campaigns with the right set of keywords to drive more clicks and conversions.

Content Writer – To write SEO optimized titles, bullets and product description as per Amazon’s guidelines.

Ecommerce Photographer  – With an eye for detail and expertise in ecommerce product photography.

Customer Service – To handle customer queries, complaints and feedback.

Graphic Designer – To design compelling artworks that speaks for itself.


All these roles, when worked in tandem, can help to maintain your company’s success consistently. If you have not created these roles, then don’t think twice to hire people for these services as it will help your company leaps and bounds.

If you are overwhelmed of hiring and managing multiple Amazon Human Resources  to maintain your Amazon business, your simplest solution would be to sign up with an Ecommerce service providing agency like FabOnGO. Take advantage of what we have to offer – We bet our Amazon Human Resources  with years of experience will be instrumental in building your business into its own empire.

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