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Health Supplements or dietary supplements are now consumed by millions across the globe. In USA alone over 70% of population takes some kind of dietary supplement for managing their health concerns or keeping fit. In last couple of years the growth of these supplements on online channels like Amazon has increased phenomenally. Infact a survey of Slice Intelligence, shows that Amazon accounted for 70% of online sales of all Supplements and vitamins. Noticeably this is one segment which has shown tremendous growth during the pandemic and infact mirrors the changing trends in buying habits of consumers.

However as with growth of any market, the competition also grows multifold that may act as deterrent for new SMEs entering the market. We at Fab on go understands those challenges better and help to prepare you to not only face those challenges but also how to grow your brand.

As for any field of products, its important to understand the various factors involved for good sales of the  product. For supplements in USA the regulations require to follow Good manufacturing practice and regulations as determined by FDA in Dietary Health Supplements Education ACT or DSHEA 1994. Hence choice of good manufacturer for your brand is important. Amazon has recently put requirement for mandatory testing and maintaining the test results of the health supplements on its store.

Supplements are now available in variety of forms such conventional capsules, tablets, caplets, sachets, powders, gummies chewable and soft chews and ready to drink supplements. Choice of the delivery format often depends on the ingredients and also the consumer preferences. These are areas where we can provide necessary information to ensure that your product stands out.

What supplements can say and cannot say is also important to understand to make a good and compliant label. Hence a good expert in labelling requirement may help to not only help you to make a compliant label but also able to communicate the right information to customer through your label., which is very important for good sales. Our team is well experienced in communicating that science on the product labels and description, as well handling your Amazon page.

Amazon with its global presence also offers the supplement brands to reach to wider audience, however in order to do so, it’s important to understand the regulatory requirements for entering in these markets through Amazon. For eg, Canada the closest neighbor of US, has completely different requirements , which include registration of the health supplements in Canadian Health product Authority, an equivalent to US FDA. In order to make sure that Amazon carries your product to wider audience in North America, we can help you to navigate those challenges and bring your product to wider audience.

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