Source and Sell Private Label Products on Amazon

If you are planning to start your own e-commerce business, then to make some serious money, marketing private label products on Amazin is the best option for you. You can also take advantage of the fulfillment programs provided by Amazon such as Fulfilled-by-Amazon (FBA) Program and Merchant Fulfillment Network (MFN) to improve sales conversion. Here’s all you need to know about sourcing, and selling private label products on Amazon –

Product Research For Private Label Products

The first step would be to brainstorm product ideas and you can get product ideas from just about anywhere. For example, you can visit physical stores and see what’s hot & trending or you can ask regular customers which products make the most sale. You can also get product ideas from Amazon so always pay attention to the “New Releases” section and on Amazon Best Sellers page keep looking for new products under different sub-categories. Social media is also a great place where you can get new product ideas, but you will have to do your own research to check what is trending by analyzing viral posts.

Find the Target Market For Private Label Product

You can sell anything on Amazon, especially if there is no demand for that product and also you can’t sell something that has too much competitors. You can easily come with a great product idea but you also have to study the market and find out the best product for your audience. If you are a new Amazon seller then it might be your first product or you want to add a new product in your business. Our Amazon Product researchers has observed that many Amazon sellers waste their money to find out the best product to sell. While searching your winning product you need to take care of pricing, shipping, availability for sourcing, product demand, seasonality and competition.

Find the Right Product Suppliers

Now that you have an awesome product idea that you want to sell, you have to research on product suppliers and manufactures. For the perfect Private Label products you have to research a lot, on marketplaces like Alibaba, IndiaMart which can give you more product ideas You can sort your results by minimum order requirements, materials, price you will also get an idea about the costs and other charges.

Source and Sell Private Label Products on Amazon

If you still can’t get the best supplier and manufacturer for your desired products then Google is always there for you. Use the product name first as your search term then mention private label supplier at the end. There are many things you have done work which needs to be correctly.

Finalizing Logo Design and Packaging

Once you get a few good suppliers don’t order products immediately, at first request for quotes and samples. You have to compare price quotes of multiple suppliers and also make sure that the products are up to your standards. There are some charges you have to incur such as shipping costs, import duties and any other fees, so be careful about it.

When the product sourcing part is done the next step will be branding, designing and packaging. You can put your logo on the packaging and the product itself. But make sure since it is a private label product make sure you design the product differently and not like the products already in the marketplace.

When it comes to designing there are a lot of things to cover. For example, it might be a sample design with just a label or logo. Depending on the products you might also have to do full-scale package design that includes instruction booklets, ingredients list and other elements. Make sure the branding is done professionally as it plays a major role in your marketing and sales. On Fab On Go we’ve many services that can enhance your brand and we have professional graphic designers in our team who will be guiding you in the designing process. The investment is not that big but it is worth doing.

Figure Out Your Fulfillment Strategy

For an Amazon seller, the product ratings matters a lot and your shipping and fulfillment process has a direct impact on your ratings and reviews. There are so many options available by which you can fulfill your order. But before making any decision, make sure you consider the costs for everything. There will be many costs such as shipping, picking, packing, warehousing, and logistics. You can fulfill your order in-house that is on your own or you can ship your private label products to Amazon’s warehouse and the order will be fulfilled by Amazon. Nowadays, many Amazon sellers choosing the Fulfilled-by-Amazon (FBA) program to fulfill their order. Because its easy to get more sales using FBA and the customer service is also provided by Amazon. You can also use third-party fulfillment centers or ask your private label product supplier if they offer fulfillment service that is basically drop shipping. Whatever strategy you choose always remember about the ratings and also make sure your supply chain works systematically.

Amazon Product Listings

Congratulations!! Now that you’ve reached so far, you can actually start doing the real work especially once you’ve found a potential manufacturer because within 3-4 weeks your product will be manufactured and then transported into your warehouse or Amazon’s warehouse. While this process is underway, your next step is to ensure your product gets listed on your seller account on Amazon.

Make sure you use high-quality and professional product images only. On Fab On Go we have e-commerce product photography service by which we can offer you professional product images. The title is the most important element of your Amazon product listing. Make sure you use the brand name first in your title as it is a private label product. After the brand name make sure you use the keywords and search terms that the users could search. Your product title will define what you’re selling so make it as effective as possible.

Once the title is done include all the benefits and features of the product in the bullet points. Here you can put some keywords that you want to target. Lastly, make sure you put all the information about the product in the description. The product description is the place where you can instruct the buyer and help them to make a purchase decision. Product description is your sales copy which will decide whether the product will sell or not.

Sell Your Products and Start Advertising

Source and Sell Private Label Products on Amazon

Once the listing is done you can add more products and start selling. Here we have one tip for you along with Amazon create your own website also to sell the private label products. Your website will help you to brand the products in a large scale. Use Social Media platforms to market your product and for Amazon don’t forget to use Sponsored Ads to level up your Amazon game. Amazon Ads is the best option to increase your sales. If you are serious about your Amazon selling business than you have to hire a dedicated team for customer service. They will help you to solve customers queries and order returns. As we’ve said earlier all these things directly impact your ratings. As an Amazon seller you have to take care of all these steps carefully and make sure everything is done properly.

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