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Product Description

Social Media Management is the most important for any business to get attention and traffic through your social media channels. Effective SMM strategies also impact the relevancy of some of your search results and improve your brand image and business growth. We help you promote your product and services through all social media channels.

SMM Package includes:

Channels Activity  
Facebook/Instagram/Twitter Account Creation 1 time activity
Business posts 1 per/day
Campaigns management As per budget
Commenting, answering messages, engagement
Pinterest Account Creation 1 time actitivty
Pinning content
Creation of business URL
Youtube Channel Creation 1 time activity
Video creation+posting 2 per month


Disclaimer: This package doesn’t include the cost involved in running paid advertisements/campaigns. Advertisement budget and service charges are non-inclusive which shall we discussed in detail before executing any promotion.

Please write to for any queries in the above package.