Amazon Vendor Central Tasks

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Product Description

Weekly Tasks

  1. Check for the sales and returns number, as well the status of inventory.
  2. Check confirmed purchase orders and see if the submitted and confirmed numbers match with the Units Received number.
  3. Check for any issues with the invoices
  4. Check for vendor returns
  5. Check product pagesRoutine Operations for 1P Sellers includes:Vendor Central account health maintenance involves a lot of routine checks to be performed on daily and weekly basis.Daily Tasks
    1. Check for new orders.
    2. Check for pending/incomplete shipments
    3. Check for Product Submissions – To keep track of the approval status of the new products.
    4. Check Vendor Operational Performance.
    5. Check for new chargeback’s
    6. Check the status of existing disputes
    7. Check the case log
    8. Check for any coupon recommendations

Monthly Tasks

  1. Generate Demand forecast report and Catalog reports (Long ago ordered/ Never shipped or ordered) bi-weekly and monthly respectively to analyze and understand the sales pattern and to prepare the inventory.
  2. Check out competitors listing on monthly basis and update the keywords in the product page based on PPC results for better ranking.


  • This is a recurring activity and the prices mentioned are per hour/month.
  • If you have any queries please write to us: