Review Management and Down Voting in Amazon

The customers of Amazon were able to vote on reviews by clicking on Helpful or Not Helpful. Hence, customer ratings receive an added value because helpful information rises the rank of reviews. This can also add trust to the evaluation process. This trust can support a much faster shopping decision even if it is better or not. Negative evaluations are also helping people when they are at a confused point. Various measures has been made to prevent fake reviews.

How negative ratings in Amazon moves up the rank?

This sort of reviewing is ending. Amazon is now apparently testing positive evaluations of reviews or down voting. Amazon removes the option to mark reviews as “Not helpful” in a trial period.  There will be one single ‘Helpful’ button for the customers to comment, instead of both helpful and not helpful.

Amazon is trying to prevent manipulation from naggers. People abuse the ranking of reviews. If reviews are frequently rated not helpful, they further slide down and the customers see more negative comments or those reviews with “helpful” rating. This actually affects the sale. To maintain trust with its customers is the only way to build sale. Removal of manipulative, negative reviews influence appears a bit sensible.

For removing or down voting unwanted ratings through this new technique, initially the users have to provide with a whole review series with larger number of helpful votes. The potential for manipulation by naggers remains a possibility. A negative review when marked helpful by users can place it on top of every review.

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