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Customer is God!

Customer service should be given top priority in any business to win and retain loyal customers. A good customer support system is the ladder to successful selling on Amazon or any other marketplace. This is one area which you can never overlook as it can have a negative impact on your account status if you get a seller rating of 3 or below more than once. Apart from getting the account at risk, you can never really grow if you spend all your time in answering thousands of customer service emails. So what is the solution? Outsource your Amazon customer service to us and focus on the bigger picture.
Yes, it is exhausting, time-consuming and it has its own risks in identifying and outsourcing the customer service to someone else. Because there is nobody other than you who know your products better. But if you have a process in place, you can reap out all you want from outsourcing.

Here are some guidelines on how to find the right person and get them onboard:

1. Hire a Trained Amazon Customer Service Person
When you are trying to outsource your job, you need to be really smart in identifying the right person who needs minimal training and can get onboard just instantly. The best way is to look out for someone who already has hands-on experience in Amazon customer service. Amazon, being the biggest online marketplace, has stringent customer service policies and it takes some time and practice for anyone to understand and cope up with its high standards. To cut some slack, hire a well experienced Amazon CS representative who would get on to the job right away least training.
Other than the knowledge on Amazon, a good customer service guy should have a pleasing personality with polite language and should know telephone and email etiquettes. Interviewing the person in real time before hiring them will throw some light on how friendly and respectful they are while talking to the other person.

2. Set Up Your Own Process
For an effective customer service system, you need to be having a process in place. Not all the customers are same. You know your product niche and target audience better than the Virtual Assistant that you hire. If you have a prior experience in handling customer queries and if you have an understanding of what kind of problems the customers face, you can easily document a Standard Operating Procedure which you can hand over to the new hire and help him/her learn and your requirement clearly before getting on to the job.

3. Onboarding
Onboarding the new hire is an essential phase and it is the process of walking the new person through your company’s policies, work culture and process. No matter if the person is working from the office or a remote location, onboarding helps the new hire to get accustomed to the environment and other fellow workers to produce better.

4. Setup a Friendly Environment
Once you onboard the new hire and explain the standard operating procedure, it is always important for you to review the work done by the new hire from time-to-time, especially in the initial days. The technical Amazon customer care is always going to be the same. However, your business model might change and the new person should get on with the flow. It is good to have a weekly meeting to discuss how things are going and being open to any conversation will make the person feel good and work better and in turn fewer mistakes down the line. Before you know, the worker will already be running on independent capacity with very minimal help/intervention from your end. This saves you a lot of time and energy which you can focus on better things.

If you like the idea of outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant from the tremendously large pool of talents out there, get in touch with us through email – [email protected] and we will help you choose a well trained Amazon customer service representative for just $6/hour.

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