How To Impress Your Customers in 5 Seconds

Customer acquisition and retention are two biggest problems that any online retailer faces in today’s eCommerce world. Studies have shown that websites now have less than 5 seconds to impress a customer and push them to buy a product. With the rapidly changing technology and customer attitude, it takes a buyer less than a minute to judge your company, your products or services. With this limitation in mind, it is only those who strike the chord right shall win the game. This blog will give you an insight on some winning tips to impress your customers in less than 5 seconds and make them shop.

1. An Attractive Online Store
The first and foremost thing that a customer looks at is the website – how beautiful it is and how fast it is loading. A simple, easy-to-navigate, attractive website is your first step towards making your customer stay on your page. If your site is too heavy and takes a longer time to load, chances are your customer will move on. Loading time is the most critical functionality of all the web design functionalities, as nobody has the patience to sit on a sluggish website. Easy navigation, clear call to action buttons, reliable payment gateway and most importantly a mobile-optimized site – all these together help to ensure your website to pass the 5 seconds test.

2. Professional Product Images
I can’t insist on the importance of having good product images. Until a few years back people were reluctant to buy a stuff that they don’t get to see, touch and feel. It is the realistic and professionally taken product images that changed their mindset. Having a great product and amazing website is just not enough if your images fail to make an impression. The images should speak the details of the product and do the selling.
There is a well-equipped professional eCommerce photographer behind every attractive, compelling product images that convert a casual visitor to an impulsive shopper almost instantly.

3. Accurate And Detailed Description
The customers would love it if you have accurate and very detailed product description to help them compare and make a decision quicker. There is a direct correlation between the quality of product description and conversion rate as the content helps in building trust and boosting sales. An informative headline that aptly describes the product and a content that is in easy-to-digest language will definitely strike the first impression. A poor product description is an easy problem to rectify and it will help you in the long run as it not only drives sales but also helps in cutting down the returns and refunds.

4. Free/Fast Shipping
In eCommerce, delivery matters the most – Free shipping or fast shipping is still a topic to debate. The shoppers these days are so pampered with the one day or two days Prime deliveries that it is easy to make you believe that you have to match up to the speed of Amazon. However, it is not always feasible for any ordinary online retailer as we don’t have the logistics that Amazon has. It is true that the buyers hesitate to order a product which would take a long time to deliver. But cost always trumps the speed. A recent survey conducted by Deloitte and Bizrate Insights shows that 74% of the customers prefer low or no delivery charges over fast delivery. And there are more studies and surveys to show that cost always takes an upper hand over speed even in this age of instant gratification. But that doesn’t mean a 2 weeks delivery window is acceptable. As a retailer, it is important to find a middle ground and provide shipping at a reasonable window with low shipping charge if you want to be competitive.

5. Good Reviews
Reviews help in building a trust between your brand and the customers. Studies say that 63% of online customers are more likely to purchase from a site if it has an unbiased product rating and review system in place. Reviews will make the buyers look at you as someone genuine, reliable and the one who gives importance to the exceptional customer experience.

Bottom Line
As you can see, you need not spend a million bucks to impress your customers. All you need to do is do things differently and strategically. Other than the points stated above, it is also important to have a good digital footprint and an unmatched customer care support to build credibility and promote your brand value.
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