Feedvisor – Improve Your Product Listing Specifically

Feedvisor is the “AI-First” Optimization and Intelligence Platform for large amazon sellers and brands that are selling on amazon forum. The Feedvisor platform develops and operates an algorithmic platform that provides repricing and revenue intelligence solution for e-commerce marketplaces’ sellers who do business with amazon. It also provides solutions for advertising, managing inventory, and brand optimization for amazon seller registration. Feedvisor is designed for large Amazon sellers and retailers, as well as brands, private labels, and amazon individual sellers those are selling products online from home. The Feedvisor team is fully committed to its customer’s success by maximizing demand, profitability, and overall business growth by staying at the forefront of retail innovation.

Who Are They?

Feedvisor is founded in the year 2012 and headquartered at New York. They introduced the first-ever algorithmic repricing solution to provide amazon seller support for e-commerce market places such as Amazon. Since their launch in 2012, they have expanded with more than $2 billion in customer sales and raised more than $40 million in investment funding. With the release of their “AI-first” optimization and intelligence platform, they made a substantial industry-defining leap for amazon seller central overview. Victor Rosenman is the CEO and Founder, Eyal Lanxer is the CTO and Co-founder of Feedvisor. Their entire team consists of experienced data scientists, engineers, Amazon experts, account executives and skilled marketers to create the most innovative solutions and experiences for their customers for amazon seller central orders. Feedvisor’s technology has been awarded various industry awards such as the Red Herring Top 100 Global Award in 2014, and the Frost and Sullivan’s Technology Leadership Award in 2014.

Features of Feedvisor

  1. Price Optimization and Intelligence

The Feedvisor platform provides repricer for Amazon Price Optimization and Intelligence feature. They provide Artificial Intelligence-based pricing technology to optimize the prices of products continuously based on unique Amazon catalogue.

  1. Advertising Optimization and Intelligence

The Feedvisor platform provides Amazon Optimization and Intelligence feature. They provide Artificial Intelligence-driven Pay-Per-Click campaign manager that maximizes your ad performances according to your business strategies.

  1. Brand Optimization and Intelligence

The Feedvisor platform provides Brand Optimization and Intelligence feature for your brand on Amazon. They provide strategic end-to-end managed services to create and optimize your brand’s presence and visibility on Amazon, where you showcase your brand

The Feedvisor platform provides three basic features such as:

Price Optimization and Intelligence Feature is designed to help Amazon sellers by providing intelligent pricing. It helps you effectively drive demand and profit. It also enables brands and private labels to win against their competition on Amazon with dynamic pricing through the ProductSphereTM pricing technology. It helps the brands, large sellers and private labels win the Amazon Marketplace selling on amazon reddit through their Award-winning reprice cutting-edge technology. It helps the sellers outpace the competition with their competitors. It also optimizes your inventory and returns rate to maximize your overall profits through amazon seller profit calculator. Through this feature, you can get 37% increase in profit margins and 23% increase in gross profits.

Advertising Optimization and Intelligence Feature is designed to help Amazon sellers by providing intelligent amazon advertisements optimization. This intelligent advertising solution helps you choose between self-managed or managed services component to handle the creation, management, optimization of your sponsored product campaigns on amazon, and provide amazon seller central reports. You can also get a holisitic view into your advertisement campaign performance from the advertising dashboard. This feature enables you to target the most impactful keywords or the top-selling keywords to drive sales. Through the advertisement dashboard you can get a 360-degree view into your campaign performance, traffic, keyword efficiency and ad spent to increase profitability, determine the selling on amazon fees and optimize your return rate. Through this feature, you can get 17% decrease in ACoS and 21% increase in conversion.

Brand Optimization and Intelligence Feature is designed to help Amazon sellers who are interested in becoming Amazon FBA sellers through the Amazon Storefront enhancement. It enables you to increase your brand visibility through Amazon store brand pages and landing pages. This helps you drive store awareness and enhance the buyer experience while supporting your brand values and images. You can increase your organic rankings for your products through optimized product listings for your brand. This feature helps you optimize your product listings, run promotions and deals, and create Enhanced Brand Content, A+ Content, and display ads for your brand on Amazon. Through this feature, you can get 15% increase in impressions, 18% higher CTR and 28% increase in sales.