•     Why Private Label?

  Private Labelling is an excellent way to separate yourself from your competitors and it also allows sellers to offer something distinct to their With Private Labelling you can create our own brand and an image in the market.

•     Is Private Label Profitable?

Not always, but yes Private label products are usually more profitable to sell than wholesale products because it is easier to keep costs Private label sellers may see profit margins of up to 40%.

•     How easy is it to set up a new Private Label and start selling on Amazon?

  We will set up the brand, source, ship products to FBA warehouse, get the products ready for
sale in less than 2 months from the time of signing the contract.

•     What are the tools sellers can use for Product Research?

  There are many tools which sellers can Here are some recommended tools, Product Discovery by Viral Launch, DSAmazon Quick View, Keepa -Amazon Price Tracker, Jungle Scout.

•     Where does the Seller find/get/source the products they Private Label/sell on

  Alibaba, Indiamart are some of the main known sourcing channels. We at Fab On Go help you with sourcing in the above mentioned

•     What kind of information do you need to know from your supplier?

  Price, Quality, Production Time, Minimum Order Quantity and How well do they communicate with

•     What is the most important thing you need to consider while dealing with a

  Besides from business, at first try to build a good relationship with the

•     What type of products sellers should stay away from?

  Sellers need to stay away from products that have any type of liability For the first product, the seller needs to avoid Topical products, Ingestible Products, Fad Products, Seasonal Products and Electronics.

•   Will Fab On Go help with Listing and Optimizing the products? What services can I get apart from sourcing ?

  Yes, of course!! We at Fab On Go help businesses to level up their Amazon game with proper keyword research, optimized product listing and ASIN Apart from sourcing we can manage your Amazon store, our wide range of services includes Customer Support, Content and Copywriting, Amazon SEO, Amazon Competitor Analysis, A+ Content Creation, Amazon PPC Advertising and we also offer Product Photography service.


 Yes, it will be signed with the Buyer (you), Fab On Go legal representative and the manufacturing company.

•   What is the most important thing a seller needs to consider while choosing a brand name?

   Make sure the brand name is not too niche specific and also

•  What is the most important thing sellers need to do when it comes to building a brand on Amazon?

  Amazon offers a great option to the Private Label sellers that is Brand Registry, there are many tools which sellers can use for their brand on Amazon after Brand Registry. We at Fab On Go help sellers with the requirements to register their brand.

•     What’s the extra effort a seller can put in packaging?

  As a Private Label brand seller needs to leave their brand footprint everywhere, the best way to do this is Product insert

•     What is the most crucial aspect of product listing?

  Everything including product title, images, reviews is crucial aspects of a product But the most important aspect of product listing is copywriting.

•     What type of images sellers can use for the perfect listing?

  There are three types of images sellers can use, White Background images, Infographic Images and Lifestyle Make sure the images are at least 1000 pixels in either width or height and your main image has no text or logo. We at Fab On Go help sellers to build the perfect listing images that appeal.

•     Is it easy to rank on Amazon?

  No, it is not easy but it’s not impossible. With optimized product listing and PPC Ads you can easily rank your listings on Amazon.

•     How can sellers set PPC Ads on Amazon?

  We at Fab On Go set up all types of PPC Ads for Private Label

•     Are there any free tools which sellers can use for keyword tracking?

 Yes, sellers can use Helium 10 for keyword tracking for a limited

•     What is the most important criteria when it comes to purchasing a product from the customer point of view?

  Product reviews are the most important criteria when it comes to purchasing a product according to the customers.

•     How can sellers maintain their account?

  By replying to all the messages from the customers in a timely Sellers also need to ensure that they respond to all the seller feedbacks and remove Negative Seller Feedback. Also to improve sales sellers need to track Keyword Ranking on a weekly basis.

•     How can sellers expand their business easily?

  To expand Amazon selling business, sellers need to hire VA’s and build a team.

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