European Fulfillment Network For Amazon Sellers

If you’re heard about the European fulfillment network for Amazon sellers, then you’re probably aware of Amazon’s global program and FBA services. Becoming a global seller on Amazon is not an easy task, and this undertaking comes with its own set of problems. Selling your product in an international market can be intimidating however with the help of Amazon FBA and Amazon Global services, this process has become a tad bit simpler. If you’re planning on selling your products offshore, there are three basic types you can consider –

European Fulfillment Network (EFN)

With European Fulfillment Network (EFN) you ship your products to Amazon’s fulfillment center which will be held in one country. Once an order is placed by a customer the items will be picked, packed, and shipped by Amazon. You pay only local fulfillment fees on domestic orders. With Amazon’s EFN Network you can sell on Amazon’s other European marketplaces with cross-border fees.

Pan-European FBA

With Pan-European FBA you ship your products to Amazon’s fulfillment center in your home marketplace. The order fulfillment process is done by Amazon. Amazon distributes your products throughout Europe based on anticipated demand without any cross-border fees. You can also save up to 52% in fulfillment fees.

Multi-Country Inventory (MCI)

With Multi-Country Inventory (MCI) you can choose in which countries you want to ship and store your products. You have to pay local fulfillment fees for sale in the marketplaces where you store products. With Multi-Country Inventory (MCI) you can sell on other marketplaces too with cross-border fees.

European Fulfillment Network

Typically sellers can choose between FBA & FBM while deciding on the kind of carrier they want to choose for boarding their products offshore. EFN is part of the Amazon FBA program that dictates Amazon cares for the transport and delivery of your packages using one of its local warehouses. If you have a European marketplace seller account that’s registered under FBA, then you can store your inventory in Amazon’s warehouses (also known as fulfillment centers) across Europe and manage orders coming in from your European marketplace using the same local inventory pool.

The reason why EFN is beneficial is that it keeps your stock stored in a single space also known as the local pool, in a single fulfillment center so that you gain maximum control and flexibility for marketing your goods. Now if you’re planning on selling your goods in a certain country in Europe, EFN allows storage of inventory in multiple fulfillment centers in one country to complete your local and trans-border orders. There are precisely only seven countries that allow storage of goods within their fulfillment centers –

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Germany
  3. Spain
  4. France
  5. Italy
  6. Poland
  7. Czech Republic

Pay Cross Border EFN fees

When you sell your products to customers of other marketplaces via the European Fulfillment Network (EFN), you have to pay a cross-border fee for each order shipped. Let’s say for example you want a 600g Standard Parcel (non-media item) product across all five European marketplaces and ship your inventory to UK fulfillment centers. The cross-border EFN fee would be €4.39 for orders placed on,,, and

Standard Parcel 600g Fulfillment Fees Sale on Sale on Sale on Sale on
Fulfillment fee for EFN (fulfilling,,, orders from UK inventory pool) €4.39 €4.39 €4.39 €4.39

There is no need to separately register for Amazon EFN because you automatically get this service under the FBA program but it’s important to choose your marketplace. Whichever European marketplace you select, it enables you to use EFN for all marketplaces as your listings are uploaded with the same SKU. What’s the benefit you ask? – Single VAT number that eliminates financial stress for a chunk of your inventory. EFN gives you the flexibility of enlisting your products on all European marketplaces under a single VAT number and you also become applicable for Prime status. But the storage fees are higher, so it’s apt for a small business however if you’re thinking large scale, there are better options under FBA for selling your goods in the international market.

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But just like the EFN has its benefits, it comes with a set of disadvantages –

EU) 2019/1020 Regulation needs for most non-EU businesses to have an authorized representative located in the EU. You can read more about this here a full guide on having an Authorized Representative by  Instrktiv

FBA European fulfillment network functions under Amazon, which means you don’t need to worry about setting up your inventory at the warehouse or supervise third-party logistics.  However, the downfall is that you will need to pay cross-border fees applicable from the home country to other shipping countries, which can weigh down on your expenditure.


While EFN provides fast shipping in Europe, it might take 3 more days for the shipment to get delivered if your product is to be delivered outside the home country. You also must have a VAT registered number in your home marketplace to be applicable for EFN. Though this option offers Prime delivery, fast shipment works when you’re delivering your product within your home country and can exceed by a few more days. However, EFN is an excellent option to consider since FBA fees are much lower as compared to using third-party logistics services.

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