Benefits of Product Packaging and How It Affects Your Sales on Amazon

Ever presented a gift to your loved ones?

How did they feel when they see your gift? Did you notice their excitement while unboxing the gift? That is the moment when you feel the best and build a strong bond with your loved ones.

Similarly, people are more fascinated by the appearance of the products. They can touch, feel, and judge the product before purchasing when they visit a retail store or shopping mall. But that is not the case with online shopping.

“First impressions are always the best impressions, but last impressions are as important as first impressions”. 

A product packed in an eye-catching design box gains one’s heart. People unknowingly get impressed by the packaging. You want to make a memorable experience for the customers when they unbox your product.

Packaging design is not just an image on a box or a bottle. Good packaging design is a sensual experience that fascinates the customers through sight and tells a story about your brand to the customers. It not only makes your product appealing and attractive but also plays a vital role in making a good first impression.

Having the right packaging improves your customers’ satisfaction, get repeated customers, enhance your brand value, and boost your sales.

Why Amazon Product Packaging is important?

Imagine the hard time you had while putting all your efforts, and investment on Amazon SEO, product listing optimization, Amazon PPC campaigns to rank your products on the top of the Amazon search results page, and drive your customers to your product listing page.

All your efforts are worth your time and money only when your customers are satisfied with your product. Product packaging is an important element to consider along with other strategies for enhanced customer experience and meet their expectations.

Driving your customers through all the sales funnels is one job while impressing your buyers when they receive your product is the other job that helps you retain your customers and strengthen your sales.

How does great packaging benefit Amazon Sellers?

Product packaging is what a customer sees first before viewing the product. As an Amazon seller, it is the biggest opportunity for you to benefit from great product packaging and influence the customers.

  1. Protects your Product
  2. Superior Product Deliverance
  3. Enhances your Brand Image
  4. Drive Customer’s Loyalty
  5. Build a Positive Relationship with your Customer
  6. Increase the visibility of your products
  7. Gain a Competitive Edge

1.    Protects your Product

Packaging protects a product from potential harm or destruction during shipping or warehousing. It can be made of any material like cardboard, plastic, metal, etc.

Many products get spoiled or broken during transportation due to poor packaging. Additionally, you will be in a loss as you need to replace the damaged product with a new one for your customers.

Customers get satisfied only when your product reaches their hands in pristine form. So, you must ensure that your product is safe and stable during storage and shipping. Good packaging keeps your product intact until it is delivered to your customer.

2.    Superior Product Deliverance

Product delivery is the last point of contact between your brand and your customer and is the key to create a lasting impression on your customer. This is the critical post-sale period to build a strong rapport with the customers by personalizing their initial experience with your product and make a great first impression with product packaging.

The moment of order delivery represents one of the most important touchpoints with your customer. So, ensure to make a memorable brand experience as it drives customer’s loyalty and builds a long-term relationship with the customers. It will not only get your customers back but also make the customers spread the word of your product to others, thus boosting your sales.

3.    Enhance your brand image

Product Packaging design is a critical component in building a brand’s image and identity.

Branding on your packaging can help grow the image of your brand and make your brand recognizable. Packaging design offers a unique opportunity for Amazon sellers to influence end-user and customer brand perceptions.

Good product packaging if leveraged to its fullest, can work in a great way to create and maintain a brand’s competitive advantage.

4.    Drive Customer Loyalty

The good packaging design should make the information easy to find for the users. It must communicate with the customer about the product’s use, its benefits, and how it’s different from other products in the line. Creating a smooth experience with your brand that makes life easier and minimizes frustration will go a long way towards building customers’ loyalty.

5.    Build a Positive Relationship with your Customer

As your relationship with the customer is entirely virtual, branded packaging is what engages you with the customer and turns the moment of unboxing into a tangible encounter. A beautiful packaging evokes the customer’s excitement and leaves a lasting positive impression on your brand. Positive user experience can encourage loyalty and even increase the amount end users are willing to pay for your product.

6.    Increase the visibility of your products

Product packaging increases the rank of your products and gets you noticed in the Amazon search results page. Wondered how?

Here is a good example to help you know the significance of product packaging in raising your product’s rank in the Amazon search results.

Product reviews are a great way to know about your packaging and how customers feel about it.

Here are some of the reviews of the Amazon buyers about their experience with the product packaging.

Review No.1 

Fast delivery and good packaging. Got all the accessories. Fully satisfied with the product. Excited to buy one more to gift my friend.

Review No.2

Product packaging is very bad. Some design accessories are missing from the dress. Not satisfied with the seller.

Review No.3

Excited while receiving the product but very much disappointed. It is already opened and looks like the used one and even the product serial number is not available on the product. I didn’t expect this from Amazon and returned the product.

These reviews show the experience of the customers with your product, which gives you an idea of how customers feel and what they expect.

The 1st review reveals that the buyer is happy with the product, received all the essential accessories, while the 2nd and 3rd reviews show that the buyers are much disappointed with your product.

Remember, once a buyer loses his trust in you, it’s hard to gain faith and retain them, no matter how effective your strategies are and how much money you invest.

Poor packaging not only gives a negative impression to the customers but also leads to negative reviews and poor ratings of your products which in turn affects your products’ rankings.

Ever checked the reviews of your products or your competitors’ products? If not, it’s time to analyze your product reviews.

Regular monitoring of the reviews of your product also helps you to personalize the initial experience of the customers with your product which goes a long way to build strong partnerships and win the hearts of your customers.

7.    Gain a Competitive Edge

The most important key to the success of Amazon sellers is to analyze and implement the effective strategies that set their brand apart from the competitors and one of the easiest ways is through your product packaging.

Believe it or not, most of the customers identify the sellers when they receive the products in perfect condition with all the accessories and with good packaging and search for the most trusted sellers to purchase more products.

Good packaging with a great design can help drive customers with repeat purchases and help you stand out from your competitors. Repeat customers not only pay more to the trusted sellers but are more likely to refer you to their friends.

Final thoughts

Product Packaging plays an important role as a sales tool. You need to make a memorable impression to make a bond with your customers. Think of the novel ways of packaging that make a difference in establishing yourself as a premium brand on Amazon and help your brand stand out from the competitors.

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