Amazon’s Multi-channel Fulfillment (MCF) – What, Why, and How?


What would you do when your kid asks about something which you don’t have an idea of?

Most probably, You would just Google it.

But, do you know Google is not the only search engine where you can search your query. There are many alternative search engines like Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc. where you can get the required information.

Similarly, Amazon is the largest e-commerce marketplace in the world just like Google, which has the world’s largest market share as a Search Engine. But it is not the only marketplace where people purchase the products. There are a lot of other popular online channels where users purchase from like e-bay, Etsy, Walmart, and the list goes on.

Why sell on multiple channels?

As an Amazon seller, you might have established your brand and your products might have reached millions of users. But that’s not the end of your success. If you feel so, probably you are counting your chickens before they hatch!

Selling your products on Amazon may be profitable, but if you sell only on Amazon, you are missing out on a lot of customers on other channels.

To scale your business and stand out among your competitors, you need to expand your Brand’s presence on other channels too.

Sell on Multiple Channels – Scale Your Business

Multiple channels – More Reach – More sales. Sound’s good. Right?

If you have made up your mind to sell your products on other online channels, one question might bother you the most – “Is it possible to separately manage the whole process from inventory to shipping the products to the customers on orders from multiple channels?” or perhaps you might be thinking of the possibilities of success on other channels.

Don’t worry. As an Amazon Seller, you need not carry out the entire process again.

Here is a simple and easy solution – Amazon’s Multi-channel Fulfillment Program (MCF).

What is Amazon’s Multi-channel Fulfillment Program (MCF)?

Whether you are a new Amazon seller or an established one, you would have known about Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), a service where Amazon assists its sellers to store their products in Amazon warehouses (fulfillment centers) and also pack, ship and provide customer service for the products.

Amazon’s Multi-channel Fulfillment (MCF), is a program within FBA. As the name itself suggests, Amazon fulfills all the orders of your customers across multiple channels, i.e., whether it is Amazon or your e-commerce store or Facebook groups or other sales channels. As an Amazon seller, you just need to submit the orders for your products from other channels.

How does Amazon’s MCF work?

Similar to FBA, Amazon stores your inventory in Amazon warehouses and handles the orders from multiple channels, i.e., if a customer places an order, whether, on Amazon or other e-commerce channels, Amazon takes the responsibility of fulfilling those orders.

MCF is available with or without FBA. Moreover, with Amazon MCF, even non-Amazon e-commerce sellers can access Amazon’s fulfillment network and operational expertise.

Advantages of Amazon’s MCF

  • Easy to set up with simple pricing.
  • Stock all your products in one place and fulfill both Amazon and non-Amazon orders with one dashboard – save your time, energy, and money.
  • List your MCF inventory without making it available for sale on Amazon.
  • Choose to have returns sent back to Amazon fulfillment centers or your inventory.
  • Increased credibility of your product with Amazon as a reliable fulfillment partner.
  • Scalability of your business – predictable product pricing.
  • Improved customer experience with faster delivery options.
  • More time for you to focus on valuable growth and marketing strategies.

How much does Amazon MCF cost?

As Amazon handles all the operations from storage to shipping your products to the customers across multiple sales channels, it charges fees for inventory storage and fulfillment of your orders.

Amazon’s Fulfillment fee depends on the number of units you ship, the duration of shipping, and the product volume combined with its weight.

Amazon charges a Storage fee to stock your products in their warehouse, which depends on the size of the product per cubic foot.

Getting started with Amazon’s MCF

  1. Log in to your Seller Central Account.
  2. Go to settings and navigate to Multi-channel Fulfillment settings. Click Edit and update the settings.
  3. Go to Manage Inventory on the drop-down menu of Inventory.
  4. Select the products you want to be fulfilled and create the fulfillment order.
  5. Enter the shipping address, order ID, and packing slip information for your order.
  6. Choose the fulfillment action and shipping speed.
  7. Review and confirm the order.

The Bottomline

Amazon’s Multi-channel Fulfillment Program simplifies your sales operations by making inventory management and order fulfillment way easier. It helps to maximize your brand’s reach and help scale your business across multiple sales channels.

Access the Amazon’s world-class fulfillment network and take advantage of Amazon’s operational expertise and trusted shipping options for all your orders from Amazon as well as other e-commerce channels.

You can effortlessly sell your inventory on multiple sales channels with ease, generate more revenue, and take your business to new productivity and profitability levels.

Leverage the power of Amazon’s Multi-channel Fulfillment and maximize your Brand’s reach.