Amazon Sponsored Ads

Amazon Sponsored Ads

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Product Description

Amazon Sponsored Ads package includes:

  • Promotion of products with high converting keywords with the aid of several keyword research tools.
  • Setting up of both manual and auto campaigns.
  • Monitoring, tracking and reporting the PPC campaign.
  • Lowest ACOS rate and improved visibility.


With this package, Fabongo doesn’t give any warranty or guarantee for a certain volume of sale, as it is out of our scope. Sales depends on lots of other factors such as pricing, the quality of listing – content and images, reviews, shipping method etc. We are only accountable for the impressions and the click through rate. Once the work is already completed, Fabongo will not be liable to issue any kind of refund or replacement of the services.

  • Prices mentioned in the package are indicative for 5 SKUs. Actual prices may vary according to the number of products and marketplace.
  • For bulk advertisements of more than 5 products, please write to us: