Amazon SEO

Amazon Listing Optimizations

Making a profit from Amazon selling demands optimizing product listings to their greatest potential. Each listing must be properly and accurately completed to maximize visibility for your items.

Our listing optimization services include:

  • Audit of the Amazon Marketplace – We can do a study and optimization of your whole Amazon product catalog, determining which listings require attention and any issues that may be limiting your performance.

  • Conduct Keyword Research – Our team does keyword research and analysis to determine the most successful keywords for your product pages.
  • Optimization of Product Listings – Our technical staff manages all aspects of Amazon SEO, beginning with optimizing listing names to adding keywords and bullet points.


Amazon Product Ranking

On Amazon, three parties interact with each other: a customer, a vendor, and Amazon.

  • Shoppers come to Amazon with one goal in mind: to make a purchase!
  • Sellers, on the other hand, utilize Amazon only for one purpose: to sell!
  • Finally, Amazon desires profit, but Amazon will get funds only if a sale occurs.

Thus, Amazon’s objective is to develop an algorithm that increases the volume of transactions. To do this, Amazon ranks the products that customers are most likely to purchase.

We offer Amazon Product Ranking Services to assist you in achieving a high ranking on the Amazon search marketplace and increasing product visibility, which results in more sales. Our product ranking steps include:

  • Product Super URLs are created – These are URL slugs that Amazon utilizes to determine which keywords people use to search for items on Amazon.
  • Social Proof Creation – We personally link your Amazon items to popular social networking sites such as Facebook.
  • Copywriting – Developing high-quality, engaging material that includes connections to your Amazon items.
  • White Hat Backlinks – We link to your goods from authoritative websites that have a large following.


Amazon Product SEO Strategy

Once consumers discover your product and believe it is relevant, they are likely to click and purchase it. The more individuals that click and purchase your goods, the higher it will be ranked by the A9 algorithm. The higher your product is ranked, the more likely it will be purchased.

This procedure and technique have the potential to create a self-perpetuating flywheel.

Our team will assist your business and your items to become the favored choice of customers globally through our results-driven Amazon SEO services. This will lead to:

  • Increased Sales
  • Higher Revenue
  • Growth of your Business
  • More opportunity to expand

Our Distinctive Value Proposition and Methodology:

  • In-Depth Keyword Research
  • Data-Driven Strategies
  • Dedicated Amazon Marketing Specialists
  • Personalized Approach
  • No Hidden or Back Door Fees


Amazon A9 Ranking Algorithm – Decoded

The A9 Algorithm is the ranking method used by Amazon to determine how goods appear in search results. There is, however, one significant distinction between Google and Amazon’s algorithms: the A9 algorithm places a high priority on sales conversions.

We are aware of the elements that affect your product’s ranking in the Amazon A9 Algorithm, and as a result, our specialists optimize your items appropriately. Our services include:

  • Keyword Research – We research the most relevant and searchable keywords associated with your desired product.

  • Optimizing the title – Our content writing team will design a compelling product title that will entice customers to click.
  • Appropriate Description – The product description will be written straightforwardly to maximize exposure and will include bullet points with information-dense key selling features.
  • Competitor Analysis – We will determine the most efficient strategy to enhance your search exposure on Amazon by evaluating competing items.


Product Listing Optimization

Amazon’s A9 Algorithmic changes make it tough to stay up to date. Today’s best practices for optimizing listing and keywords may not be as effective as they were yesterday. A completely optimized listing essentially employs an adaptive technique, since “Set it and forget it.” would never suffice.

FABONGO is aware of the criteria used to assess your Amazon listing, ensuring that it is a worthwhile search result for potential consumers. Avail Our Product Listing Optimization Services To:

Enhance Product Visibility – With Amazon listing improvements, we increase the exposure of your items, resulting in more sales.

Increase Conversion Rates – Our data-driven AMS strategies are designed to increase your product sales by increasing conversion rates.

Control Budget – Our Amazon marketers maintain total openness about money distribution for your Amazon marketing initiatives. We allocate your budget based on keyword bids to boost your ad campaigns’ quality score.


Amazon Keyword Optimization 

By examining the keywords, Amazon eliminates any items that are irrelevant to the consumer search query. If a product does not include all of the search query’s keywords, it will be excluded from the search results. FABONGO’s Amazon SEO professionals provide a complete solution that results in higher visibility and increased revenue.

Our Workflow

  1. Conducting Keyword Research – Keyword research is critical for Amazon SEO since it determines the relevance of your goods to the search result.
  1. Creating an unaltered title – By creating raw titles, our staff has a deeper understanding of your product. It helps us to go over all of the possible features to include in your product to get the best result.

  1. Including keywords – After creating the product’s raw title, we optimize it with the most related keywords to assure that your product ranks highly in search results.
  1. Handling Amazon Policies – Throughout our process of equipping your product with a keyword-optimized title, we strictly adhere to Amazon standards, ensuring that there are no errors and that your product has the best possible possibility of doing well in the Amazon search results.
  2. Off-Page Search Engine Optimization – We deploy the product page after ensuring that our Amazon SEO approach is robust.