6 Essential Amazon Seller Tools To Accelerate Growth

Amazon is the dream marketplace for any online retailer for it is one of the world’s biggest platforms with millions of buyers across the globe. A good growth strategy pertaining to Amazon can skyrocket a company’s profits. But most of the times, strategizing and planning long-term goals and achievements are so tedious and overwhelming to achieve when all your time and money gets drained out with the day-to-day operations, from sourcing the stock, to fulfilling orders and responding to customer queries. This puts off the upcoming e-Commerce stalwarts with little to no time left to chalk down a doable long-term success plan. Praise the Lord! We have a number of Amazon seller tools and online resources that not only helps to accelerate growth but also helps to scale quickly. Let us see some must-have tools in this blog:


  1. Product and Keyword Research Tools

The golden rule to sell anything is to first gauge its demand among the masses. This tool is made for the exact same purpose. Before you burn your finger, it really helps you to know your product’s selling history i.e. how well it is being lapped up by customers.  It also helps you learn the most used keywords by the customers to search for your product.


  1. Optimization Tools

A proper Amazon SEO strategy is a sure shot way to gain more visibility and better traction for your products. Apart from having a rich product detail page with keyword stuffed content and professional images, you also need to take care of the Amazon Sponsored ads and optimize them for better ACOS.

The optimization tools help us with the keyword research that can be used for effective PPC bids and also for optimizing the title and product description. It is almost impossible to achieve the best ROI without the help of these tools, as they guide us to decrease the cost spent on the ads and increase the sales.


  1. Repricing Tools

This tool allows you to estimate the optimal selling price of your product by performing extensive competitive research. Your battle is half won if you figure out that sweet spot where you are neither overpriced nor underpriced – after all, nobody wants to sell for a loss. Rather than playing a price matching game and doing a trial and error, it is best to let a repricer tool do the job for you, as they don’t suggest you the best price but also keep the price updated time-to-time according to the seasonal changes without compromising on the margin.


  1. Inventory Management Software

After you are all set with your product placement and pricing, it is time to get to business. Running out of inventory or having all the money tied up in too much inventory are the worst nightmares for any seller. Although we have the inventory tracking reports in seller central, it is best to have one of the Inventory Management tools as they help us to analyze the stock levels, understand the sales history and velocity and provide a forecast for the upcoming cycle, help with the re-order and a lot more.


  1. Review Management Tools

Word of mouth publicity is the most dependable way of marketing, and in the online world, reviews rule the rooster. If there is one thing that every new seller is struggling with, it is to get those customer reviews. A good rating also helps to win the ‘Buy Box’ and hence it contributes a lot towards the sales directly and indirectly. However, with Amazon strictly scrutinizing the reviews it has become increasingly difficult for the sellers to earn those golden testimonials.

To improve the customer service and earn legit reviews, it is important to have a review management tool that would help you automate the customer feedback/product reviews and helps you respond to the negative reviews promptly and thus helps in maintaining the overall seller metrics.


  1. Listing Tools

This tool comes in handy when you are expanding your product line, or adding some new items often. This tool eliminates the need for manually listing various details about your new product such as product name, description, and keywords. You only need to enter the UPC code or scan your product’s barcode and – Tada! Each and every detail would be automatically updated in the list.


Outsource for the win!

While these Amazon seller tools make your life easy for sure, it takes certain skills to understand and incorporate the suggestions provided by them to reap the best results. And also time plays a major role in everything. You may be good at crushing the listing with your proficient writing but may not have the time on an everyday basis to maintain your seller metrics. That is when you need human power to take over. I can’t stress enough on the importance of outsourcing certain tasks (if not all) which you don’t like doing or don’t have the time to do it.

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