Amazon Retail Analytics – ARA Basic Vs Premium For Vendors

Amazon Retail Analytics is one of the powerful tools provided by Amazon for its Vendor Central account sellers. Every vendor gets access to the ARA basic version once he sets up his account, and this package includes sales and inventory reports, catalog reports, and operational reports. However, the ARA Premium version comes at an additional cost and it provides a lot more features to help the sellers analyze their business more efficiently.

Let’s see the difference between the ARA Basic and Premium versions in this blog.

Amazon Retail Analytics Basic

ARA Basic access is given to all the vendors by default and it is, without any doubts, the most powerful tool to understand the metrics and reports.

Currently ARA Basic provides the following reports

Sales Diagnostics

Traffic Diagnostics

Operational Diagnostics

Forecast and Inventory Planning

Inventory Health

ARA Basic Sales diagnostic trends

All these reports can be filtered based on the brand, category, subcategory, product group, and replenishment code to include more details on the report. But as the name suggests, the reports on Sales & operations are basic and the data history is limited, although it is free.


ARA Premium

ARA Premium is found under Reports -> Amazon Retail Analytics Premium. It comes with a good cost of 30K per year subscription but it is more robust compared to the basic package and it provides a multitude of reports and data.

ARA Premium provides access to the following and few more:ARA Premium Report

Reports on Sales & Operations

Reports on Traffic

Reports on consumer behavior

Data availability

Customer Reviews

Scheduled Email Reports

Real-time sale


Other than having different reports, there are also different metrics available in ARA Premium than the basic. For example, In Sales Diagnostics there is an additional metric called “Ship Revenue”. However, in ARA Basic “Ship Cost” is the only metric available.


The other most stand-out feature in the Premium package is the Search terms, with which you get access to Amazon’s top 100 search terms.

ARA Premium Sales Performance Trends


ARA Premium ultimately provides the vendor a strong understanding of not only revenue but also provides insights and help him understand where revenue is generated, what the competition is, how the customer behavior is and most importantly it provides ASIN level performance metrics. To simply put, it provides more actionable data and sorting options to help detailed analysis but it comes at a good price. Buying this Premium package is totally up to the seller and the stage where he is at in his Amazon journey.


The Purpose of ARA Reports – How Do We Benefit From Them?

By leveraging the data from ARA reports, vendors can refine their marketing efforts within Amazon and across other channels as well to drive the traffic back to Amazon.

As a seller, it helps you to analyze the following in order to come up with actionable strategies.

Traffic & conversion

Content & visibility


Consumer behavior


Price, Lost Buy Box


However, the biggest challenge lies in analyzing this huge volume of data, interpreting it and utilizing it to make the necessary changes in the business model.

The good news is – we are here to help you breakdown this complex reports into simple readable graphs and statistics.

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