Amazon Listing and Cataloging

Catalog Service For Amazon

An updated catalog may result in more exposure and conversions, which may result in increased sales and fewer returns. Our highly trained photographers and state-of-the-art studios assist in the creation of high-quality digital catalogs that display your items in an appealing and searchable format.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • We develop your brand and tell your story online.
  • Our team of highly qualified and experienced experts is committed to providing superior service.
  • We offer end-to-end assistance for all imaging, cataloging, and image enrichment operations and may deliver your catalog in the least time possible.


What do we do for you?

Cataloging in Detail – Comprehensive cataloging entails optimizing the whole Amazon Product page, including the quantity, kind, specs, price, and full description of the product. 

Title – The title of the listing should be straightforward yet descriptive and keyword-rich. Our Amazon SEO specialists improve not just your Amazon product listings but also store SEO.

Bullet Points – It contains information about your product, such as its primary characteristics. Our listing experts focus on highlighting key points to increase your sales. 

Amazon Boosting Services – We provide quality Amazon boosting services that assist in increasing traffic and sales on your brand store.

Development of Product Portfolios – We create innovative product portfolios through which products may be introduced or deleted (when inventories run low), providing purchasers with complete control and precise information.


What details required?

  • High-Quality Images – If you require an image shoot, we can arrange for one for you. 
  • MRP – MRP of your product is required.
  • Sale Price – We need to know the Selling Price of the items to be listed and optimized.
  • Dimensions and Variation – Variation in sizes, if necessary.
  • Special Feature – Any extra particular features or descriptions that you would want us to include with your goods.

Good Reasons To Choose FABONGO

  • AWS services are highly technically complex at the back end due to the use of cloud technologies, but we do have the technical expertise and expert knowledge gained through experience to manage your Amazon Brand Store. 
  • Our prices are reasonable.
  • We genuinely care about our clients and provide quick service.
  • Our staff stays updated on industry changes to provide your brand with cutting-edge solutions.

If you’re considering establishing a presence on Amazon, reach out to us first. If you currently have a brand store but desire to enhance it, we can assist you in your growth.


Benefits Of Using Our Service

FABONGO is a top Amazon SEO business, providing results-driven Amazon SEO services that leverage the most modern tools and most inventive product listing optimization techniques to boost your sales, online exposure, and market domination. Our service provides the following benefits: 

  • Excellent and Comprehensive copywriting for titles, headings, and descriptions.
  • Increase Your Engagement and CTR by Conducting Keyword Analysis on Your Listing.
  • Developing an Infographic Illustration to Assist in Engaging and Educating Customers About Your Brand and Product.
  • Adhering to Amazon’s Quality Standards When Creating your Listing.