5 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Amazon Product Research

Amazon Product Research



If you’re launching a new product category or attempting to sell an existing one, conducting Amazon product research is critical for increasing sales. Amazon is a website that enables retailers to sell a variety of various types of goods. 

With thousands of product categories, it can be challenging to determine the most appropriate category for every product. Amazon FBA Wholesale Product Research is straightforward; you just need to identify products with the greatest demand, the least competition, and a sufficient profit margin. If adequate research is not undertaken, the actual industry situation will be impossible to analyze in the future. However, some mistakes need to be avoided while doing Market Research for your product:

#1 Pitching the lowest possible price

Amazon product analysis will assist you in determining the most competitive pricing for each item. One of the most common errors new vendors make on Amazon is to price their products cheaper than rivals, which can backfire. 

Amazon Product Research


As a new distributor, you may be unaware of your rivals’ product sourcing and profit margins. You can’t just survive on Amazon FBA Wholesale market by offering the cheapest items. Pricing your goods at the lowest possible price can leave a negative impression on consumers.

#2 Concentrating exclusively on products for which you are passionate

Occasionally, sellers will limit their quest to a certain niche about which they are passionate. Although it is advantageous to understand the ins and outs of such trending goods and to be passionate about the products you market, do not ignore lucrative Amazon FBA Wholesale products simply because they are not things you can use.

Amazon Product Research


Multiple top sellers have extensive product lines that cover numerous categories. This mentality enables top sellers to reach a wide range of markets without restriction, enabling these marketers to capitalize on openings that they would otherwise be blinded to.

#3 Inflexibility

According to Heraclitus, “The only constant in life is transition.” Even if you discover a perfect product, make a listing, start selling, and see results, the company will still face unexpected changes.

A Good Seller must be able to pivot and adjust quickly in response to changes in Amazon’s algorithm, the entry of new entrants into a product segment, and shifting inventory supply.

#4 Assuming there is a scarcity of opportunities

When people first begin selling, they are often shocked by the volume of commerce already occurring on Amazon FBA Wholesale. At first, it can seem hopeless, as if something has already been taken. This, though, is not the case.


Amazon Product Research



Indeed, even highly competitive categories often contain elements that are ignored. A color variant of a common product may remain untapped, or a segment may have an untapped supplementary offering.


#5 Avoid ignoring the Amazon Fee

When determining the profit margin, you must factor in the Amazon fee. To approximate the exact Amazon Fee, you must use the seller’s central Fee Calculator.


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